The reason why New York women suddenly look so good

I have a newfound respect for women with three children, Happies. For the past ten days, I have been in New York juggling my three babies (being PRIMPED, The Happiness Cocktail and shopping) and have failed my middle child disastrously. Like most middle children I know, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but there is a part of me feeling a little guilty for not posting here for so long. So now, I’m going to make it up to you.

If you’re yet to visit New York, you may not be aware that they like to do things quickly. There is absolutely no time for slow movement, slow talking, or slow results. So it’s really no surprise that the latest fitness craze taking the city by storm is a fast-acting, fat burning, ballet bar cradling technique that allows those wealthy Upper West Side women to shake their post-Christmas pudding butts into shape. Stat!

The technique is called The Nalini Method and I stumbled across its existence while getting my hair blow-dried. Crazy, but true. I was told this is THE new fitness craze taking the women (and men) of New York on a journey that swings between yoga, pilates, barwork, aerobics and strength training. In short, it combines all the best pieces of the exercises we’re already doing, and turns them into an hour of sheer butt-busting fun (and by fun, I mean pain).

While the Nalini Method has been around since 2003, it’s only been at Pure Yoga since September last year. Pure Yoga is now the only club in New York to offer the class, which was created by fitness and yoga guru Rupa Mehta. The results-focussed class goes for one hour, with the instructor coaxing moves from you every second. It’s fast-paced, hard-going and excruciating come about the 15 minute mark. Seriously, my muscles were hurling abuse my way after only a few minutes.

Here’s Rupa doing what she does best…

And now I know why after discovering that Nalini’s mission “is to cultivate a sense of possibility about who we are and what we can become. It’s about discovery, tenacity, and perseverance. The Nalini Method’s classes will challenge you physically and keep you focused mentally.” And my, my does it deliver on its promise.

After signing into the class, I was given a tile with my name on it and guided towards studio 5. The tile had the number 1 tattooed across the top, indicating that my position was front and centre, and that my workstation was already set up.

With only 17 people allowed in the class at one time, it’s tough business securing your spot. The competition is fierce, with women having to book well in advance to ensure they don’t miss out. Once you step inside, you’re greeted by weights, straps, balls, ballet bars, mats…every fitness prop you could possibly imagine.

Voted ‘Top Workout’ by the New York Post, this class is one seriously hard feat, Happies. Each area of the body is worked on, including your arms, shoulders, abs, bum and thighs. This is done through a series of pilates-like exercises that combine weights and said props to make the process even harder. The class is then lead through a series of stretches, which combine the use of the ballet bar as well as yoga moves to help stretch and relax your body. The result? Hmm, let’s see now. Let’s start with a sculpted and stronger physique; longer, leaner muscles; enhanced flexibility and balance; improved endurance and energy; stronger core muscles; increased bone density; increased body awareness and improved posture and alignment. Phew!

I have to say, Happies, this is one of the most intense workouts I’ve done in a long time. While it was pitched to me as more of a ‘yoga’ technique, I’d say it’s far more pilates and weights training than your typical power or Vinyasa-style yoga. But honestly, if I could look like some of the women, in their skin-tight lululemon outfits, after only a few sessions, I’d be signing myself up in an instant. All I have to do now is wait for it to arrive on our shores, until then, it’s back to the yoga mat for me.

Tell me Happies…

Have you heard of the Nalini Technique?
Are you more of a yoga or pilates girl?
What’s your favourite results-driven exercise method?



  1. Julie · February 22, 2011

    Oh no you’re teasing……..was scrambling down to the end to see where I can sign up , like yesterday!! Sounds awesome. Come on Sydney Yogis and instructors – get amongst it………..

  2. Zoe · February 22, 2011

    Sounds brilliant! Can’t wait until it comes to Oz

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  4. crystaldance · February 23, 2011

    That sounds fantastic!!

    I’m a professional dancer – so I LOVE dance classes to keep fit, toned and in shape. But apart from that – I love yoga. Pilates is amazing, but I find it very static, whereas yoga has a sense of freedom and movement and pliancy behind it.

    This technique sounds intriguing! I wonder how long it’ll be before it DOES hit Aussie shores…

    How did you feel the next day Yaz?! hehe.

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