Signs of Happiness: The best mint tea. Ever.

While my friends might be complaining about the impossibility of getting a good cup of coffee in New York, I’m relishing in the knowledge that the tea here is out of this world.

But there’s one cup in particular I can’t stop thinking about. The flavour was mint – the perfect after-dinner choice especially after consuming a delicious (but seriously heavy) goats cheese, butternut squash and spinach pasta at this little eatery in West Village called Zampa. Heaven!

Here it is…

The taste was out of this world, obviously, but it was more the presentation that made this little cuppa score a place here today. Rather than having the tea in a traditional tea bag, they packed some freshly dried mint leaves into some baking paper and somehow, somehow, it infused and didn’t break. It just seeped into the water to deliver this perfectly tasting delight.

I think this is something you could absolutely try to recreate at home, Happies. All you’d need to do is pack your favourite ingredient into some baking paper and wrap it up into a little parcel like the picture above. Such a cute idea for a dinner party. Love it!

Now, enough with the tea talk, next time I’ll move onto other things, like the new yoga craze taking New York by storm.

Stay Happy,

Yaz x



  1. Annette @ Wellnesss WA · February 21, 2011

    Hey Yas,

    Are you still doing transcendental meditation and loving it?

    Would love to know!



    • Yaz Turker · February 23, 2011

      Hi Annette,

      I am indeed. It’s Primordial Sound Meditation that I do, and I’ve found that it’s really helped me in just not sweating the small stuff. It’s amazing how much calmer I am in life and I credit all that to meditation. It’s a beautiful thing.


  2. crystaldance · February 23, 2011

    Tea is amazing. I drink it in copious amounts.

    My favourite at the moment is a mixture of hibiscus flower, ginger, stevia, ginko biloba and more… it’s a brilliant energiser and I love it. It’s also lovely and ruby coloured (makes it tastier 😉 )

    It sounds like an interesting creation of a “teabag”!!

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