Anticipation is 9/10ths of the experience. Now, breathe it out

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the anticipation of doing something incredibly exciting (or scary) is almost as good, or bad, as the experience itself. Right? Right.

Take travelling for example. You see, Happies, I’m off on a dreamy work trip to New York Fashion Week tomorrow (I know! Insane right. Weee) and as the moment gets closer and the anticipation of it all starts to kick in, the experience itself becomes even bigger in my mind than it is in reality.

Images of me hanging out at Wholefoods Market snacking on their tasty morsels, or getting happy snaps with the cast of Gossip Girl (yep, I’m 15) start swirling around in my mind, creating a sense of excitement that only the imagination can muster.

Of course, these moments aren’t only reserved for hugely exciting situations. In fact, I’ve had plenty of anxiety-ridden thoughts before having to have uncomfortable conversations, fly on a Qantas A380, or take my driving test. Which, incidentally, I failed the first time round. Silly one way sign, how did I miss you.

I find it fascinating the way our minds tune in and out of ‘imagination’ mode when there’s some form of stimuli to let it run free. And while it’s wonderfully positive and exciting when the scenario is good, when the tables are turned and you’re filled with dread, fear and stress, anticipation is a HORRIBLE thing, Happies. Horrible.

So, here’s how I’ve learned to deal with my ever exercising brain. When I know I have a big event coming up, either good, or bad, I take the time to BREATHE. Firstly, I take some beautiful deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth, before, erm, popping some egg-laying breath into the mix.

I’m not going to lie, when I was introduced to egg-laying breath I actually burst out laughing. It’s hilarious when demonstrated to you, but once you start practicing said breath it’s THE MOST effective form of calming your senses, your mind, and grounding that anticipation of yours. Seriously, it’s amazing.

All you have to do is take a deep breath in through your nose. Now, slowly breath out through your mouth making a gentle sighing noise as you go. During the ‘out’ breath, you also need to push down on your perineum so it feels like you’re laying an egg. I know, I know – it sounds completely crazy but I promise you that this breath will change your life. Especially when you get nervous, or anxious, or anything in between. Repeat the breaths 8-10 times. Ahhh, bliss.

It’s such a simple thing we all need to do more of. I try to take a few minutes every morning to stop, slow down and…

Your mind will thank you for it. I promise. Especially before a long-haul flight when you hate turbulence, and are over excited at the thought of Fashion Week. And Gossip Girl, of course.

Tell me Happies…

What do you do to calm down?

Do you find anticipation to be 9/10ths of the experience too?

Have you heard of egg-laying breath?



  1. eskimojo · March 2, 2011

    Hahaha this is hilarious.

    When I was battling anxiety I was taught to sit spend 5 minutes focusing on nothing but breathing like this, only without the egg laying part. Will give it a go, though, it sounds like it adds another dimension!

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