Nourish Me. Nourish You.

Alicia Silverstone you clever little naturalist, when did you get so damn clued in? Ha? Ha?

That’s right Happies, somewhere between Clueless and 2009, our favourite Beverly Hills babe became THE educator of all things vegan, healthy and happy, publishing popular diet book ‘The Kind Diet’ and launching her health and wellness destination – The Kind Life.

A friend of mine alerted me to Alicia’s new path a few weeks ago, and while I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it this weekend, I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you about it too. You know, so we can all read it together and chat about her vegan ways and whether we can, in fact, ditch beef for tofu once and for all.

The crux of her book is to provide readers with a ‘Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet’, which, when you think about it is probably the most awesome thing anyone with an interest in health and wellbeing could ask for.

But for me, I’ve always considered myself a committed meat eater. The thought of embracing a vegan, or even vegetarian diet, as Alicia suggests was out of the question. However, lately I have found the craving of vegetable and vegetable only far stronger than the pull of my beefy, porky or lamby friends, so I’m heading into this reading journey with an open mind. Who knows, my body might thank me for it.

And thanking me it is today, Happies, for said friend also alerted me to this divine little vegan eatery in Surry Hills in Sydney that looked and sounded so delicious, I rushed there for lunch today. Winner!

The place is called Nourishing Quarter, and for anyone in the vicinity of 315 Cleveland Street Surry Hills right now, you need to finish reading this post, jump on your bike or skateboard or Segway and hit this place up immediately.

The Nourishing Quarter is my life on a plate. It’s everything I try to make at home only tastier and delivered to my table by the sweetest woman you’ve ever laid eyes on. The menu is packed with incredibly tasty vegan treats, including rice paper rolls rammed with quinoa, amaranth and vegies.

In the name of research I had to get a few things on the menu, so after trying the trio of rice paper rolls, the Indian-style curry with tofu, sweet potato and chickpeas was added to the list. Served with a trio of grains and tasty salad, this was, by far, the BEST curry I’ve ever devoured. I’m still full, but the visual makes my tummy grumble in happiness at the mere sight of it.

Here’s the cozy eatery and the food for your reference…

I have to say, there’s something to be said for finding these adorable little eateries and finding food that nourishes you on the inside and out. Despite getting a little, erm, curried away and eating far too much, I feel amazing and know that everything I eat has an impact on how I feel. Maybe Alicia is onto something. I sure can’t wait to find out.

What about you, Happies?

Are you vegan?

Could you ever be?

Have you heard of The Kind Diet?

What about Nourishing Quarter?



  1. Zoe · January 28, 2011

    They also sell the delic quinoa rice paper rolls at EQ and Kings Cross markets on Saturday’s.
    Has anyone been to the Green Lizard in Kings Cross? Its a raw food/vegan place and I only just saw the sign as I drove through the other day, so is on my list.

    • Yaz Turker · January 28, 2011

      Zoe, you’re absolutely right. The lovely lady told me they sell at the markets at Kings Cross and The Entertainment Quarter every Saturday and the Marrickville organic food market every Sunday. Good one!

  2. Jess Ainscough · January 28, 2011

    Hey Yaz!

    I’m vegan and I LOVE The Kind Diet. I read it at the start of last year and devoured it in about two days. It’s such an awesome read and it really inspires you to make changes to the content of your dinner plate. I wish I still lived in Sydney so that I could visit this adorable little cafe. There needs to be more eateries like this around so that we Wellness Warriors have some where to go for a healthy bite out.

    Thanks for this post!

    Jess from The Wellness Warrior (

  3. Corrine/Frock & Roll · January 28, 2011

    Thanks for the recommendation, Yasemin! 🙂 I’m a vegetarian but never considered becoming a vegan until eating at London’s inSpiral restaurant ( a couple of months ago – oh. my. GOODNESS. To say that their food was incredible wouldn’t even begin to accurately describe it – it was AMAZING. I had vegan spinach spanakopita, korma curry and roasted sweet potato wedges with vegan mayo (washed down with organic cola! Seriously!), and it was so insanely delicious that I actually returned there by myself the very next night for the exact same meal! I never knew how delectable it could be, and have been trying to track down vegan restaurants in Sydney ever since! I’ll definitely have to give this one a whirl 🙂

  4. Emma from Urban Remedy Cleanse · January 28, 2011

    I definitely want to try this and would love any other recommendations for good vegetarian restaurants in Sydney. I love Govindas in Darlinghurst and Lauries in Bondi. Yaz – we should go with Claire. I know she’d love it too.

    • Claire · February 2, 2011

      Yes, Claire would love it… i’m in! x

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  6. hollyjcurtis · January 28, 2011

    Oh, delicious! This looks like the kind of meal you can get from Friend of the Earth in Fitzroy for any Melbourne gals! They serve up a daily lunch plate (set menu though) for $8.00 – such delicious, healthy and filling food.

    Next time in Sydney I’ll definitely have to visit this adorable place 🙂

  7. Annette @ Wellnesss WA · January 28, 2011

    Hai guys!

    Looks great, Yas. I am almosto vegan, been a vegetarian for a long time but after seeing the ad for bobby cows in the newspaper yesterday ( :((( ) am going back to being vegan.

    I’ve heard that The Kind Diet is good, but also that it has a lot of really difficult to source ingredients in it, which is sadly offputting.

    I propose you do a 30-day-vegan eating plan and see how you go?!?!? 😀

  8. Raquel · January 29, 2011

    Hi Yaz
    Next time I’m East Coasting – I’m there! I’ve been a strict vegetarian for over 20 years – I like the idea of being a vegan – but I have a cheese weakness, so alas, I doubt it will every happen full time!
    Love your blogs Yaz
    Raquel (W.A)

  9. Div · January 31, 2011

    Sydney vegan places to try:
    Breakfast: Naked Espresso @ Newtown, Funky Pies @ Bondi or get takeaway from Iku Wholefood (multiple locations)
    Lunch: yum cha @ Bodhi (Hyde Park), Green Gourmet @ St Leonards or Newtown, Mother Chu’s (City), Badde Manors @ Glebe
    Dinner: Yulli’s Bar @ Surry Hills, Blackstone Pizza @ Crows Nest , Harvest @ Rozelle, Peace & Harmony (City) Basil Pizza @ Newtown.

    Good websites for recipes:

    Interstate Vegan stuff:
    Melb: http://veganmelbourne%5Bdot%5Dblogspot%5Bdot%5Dcom
    Adl: http://www%5Bdot%5Dadelaidevegans%5Bdot%5Dorg/restaurants
    Perth: http://www%5Bdot%5Dveganinperth%5Bdot%5Dcom/

  10. Sophie · February 2, 2011

    Hey Yas,
    3 thumbs up for this post! So glad to hear that the Nourishing quarter was everything and more. Can’t wait to actually try it myself. Let me know how you go with TKD…like Jessica said, I inhaled it in about 2 days and it really did make me more conciencous (sp?) of how I eat and what goes on my plate. The stuff she highlights about the suffering of animals and the effects meat and dairy have on your body was enough to make me go vegetarian (flirting with veganism) and 2 months in, I’ve never felt better. She does have a few weird ingredients (i managed to track down umeboshi plums though and so happy I did.. you have to read up on these magical little things) but most of the recipes are quick and easy and honestly they are SO super tasty. The sweet-potato lentil stew and brown rice pilaf with caramelized onions are definite favourites. YUM. Sx

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