Seventy six years of marriage and still going strong

Sliding off the back of yesterday’s popular post, I thought this adorable and extremely awesome feel-good story is the perfect fit for today, Happies.

Meet Frank and Philomena Frey, a Canadian couple who are celebrating their 76th wedding anniversary. Yes, 76 years together means they’ve been side-by-side since 1934, and today, they’re still crazy in love. Awww!

I am such a sucker for elderly people as it is. My heart just opens right up to them and there’s nothing I want more than to sidle up and hear about their life story, their advice, and their general view on what it’s like to be ‘old’.

This sentiment is increased tenfold when I see an old couple still holding hands and showing love for each other after clearly being together for years. With the divorce rate so high, and the belief that true love really can exist slowly fading among our generation, it’s so nice to see that it can be achieved and that love really can be forever.

Here they are sharing their secrets to CNN (hang in there for the pre-roll, it’s worth it)…

They still hold hands, she still plays him love songs on the piano, and yep, they even still share little kisses. They say the secret is easy – respect each other, share the workload around the house and ask him to take you out, if need be. It’s all such simple advice, and when followed, true love really can be forever. They’re living proof.

Stay happy,



One comment

  1. Zoe · December 16, 2010

    Aw ❤ I hope me and my guy are like that when we're old

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