And then, there was stillness – part 2

I’m not going to lie, I find it hard to do nothing. Very hard. The reason? I’m not quite sure, perhaps the idea of doing everything is so ingrained into me psyche that when it comes time to do nothing, or at least, sitting quietly and letting my thoughts float past like a running river, my brain decides to turn it up a notch.

Some time ago, I wrote about my efforts to quieten the mind through meditation. I had signed up to Still Your Mind to complete my four week Primordial Sound Meditation course with the lovely Carolyn Gowen (former National Ad Manager for Marie Claire, present meditation guru) who I have known for many years now since working on the title myself.

Like so many ‘coincidences’ in life, Carolyn came to speak to me about The Jojoba Company, a new beauty brand she was doing some PR for. She also began explaining the real reason she left Marie Claire, which involved taking her 15 years of meditation practice and turning it into a business, making meditation something the corporate world simply couldn’t resist. Now, Carolyn not only teaches Primordial Sound Meditation to rookies like me out of her lovely home in Bellevue Hill, but also in big offices around the city. I had been wanting to do a meditation course for so long, Happies, and now, I finally found one.

Primordial Sound Meditation is the practice of meditation designed by Deepak Chopra. It uses the sound of the universe when you were born to give you a personal mantra that you slowly, calmly, quietly repeat to yourself when you’re in meditation mode. I’ve tried a few forms of meditation over the past six months, most of them guided but I do find having this very special mantra to come back to when my mind starts to wonder very helpful indeed. It’s like an anchor, a nest, a safe place to return once your imagination gets going.

The course runs over four sessions, most held on a Tuesday night. Each week we discuss a different topic, including chakras and the seven states of higher consciousness. Then, we sit. For around 30 minutes. In total silence and relaxation.

For me, the group meditations during class where far easier than sitting at home by myself. I’m not sure why, perhaps it has something to do with the shared energy, or for a far more simple reason, perhaps I’m just good at doing what I’m told. All I know is that I’m still learning, and while I try to plonk my bum down everyday to sit in stillness, I’m not there yet. It’s a journey, and one I’ll continue bouncing along.

But I can tell you this, I have more on my plate now than every before, but I’ve switched stress for calmness and prioritised my time into a perfect balance of doing what needs to be done and doing what I love most. There’s harmony there, and my level of efficiency has increased ten-fold. If all that goodness is created by sitting down for a few minutes a day, I’m a believer for life. I promise you that.

Tell me Happies…

Have you tried meditation?

Do you want to?

Are you a mantra, guided or still kind of person?




  1. Lani · December 10, 2010

    I wish I was in Sydney still! This sounds exactly like what I am looking for. Meditation is something that I’ve always wanted to try but when doing it at home by myself I often worry I’m not “doing it right”. Plus I honestly believe that meditation is something that you learn and develop your aptitude for over time so I think it is important to get the base right to develop from. Thanks for sharing this, Yaz.

  2. Nikki Parkinson · December 10, 2010

    I too love the group meditation. And I so need it. Have found a fantastic one here on the Sunshine Coast. It’s only once a month but incredibly arrives at the time I need. Missed this month because of a Christmas party and am feeling it. Big time.

  3. Annabel · December 26, 2010

    Hi Yaz,
    I just got back yesterday from a yoga retreat in beautiful Ubud, Bali, and wow, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It included morning and afternoon yoga and meditation classes, delicious healthy meals and spa treatments, all set in the lovely lush green hills of Ubud. It was absolutely divine, and not having done very much yoga or meditation previously, it was a wonderful introduction to mind/body balance, calmness and wellness for me. I’m going to try some different classes now here in Melbourne, and also attempt a 10-minute meditation on my own in the mornings. I found it easy within the group, too – the shared positive energy was amazing – so will be interesting to see how I go on my own. It’s a shock to the system coming back after the slow-paced serenity of the last week, but I do feel really good now (especially after an awful year in which my mum passed away). Yaz you would love this retreat – was like a week in paradise. ( – I did Escape the World at Kumara) Hope you had a lovely Christmas. It’s been a pleasure reading you this year.
    love x

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