Sunday Best: Scrumptious Mezzine Plate

Sure, it’s Tuesday and this post is called Sunday Best, plus you’re probably wondering what on earth a mezzine plate is, but hey, everyday is a good day for this super delicious tasting plate.

A mezzine plate, in case you’re wondering, is what’s normally known as a mezze plate. However, my rather adorable BF got all confused one day, referring to this delightful dish as a mezzine plate and, well, the name has since stuck.

While our mezzine plates often change depending on what’s in the fridge, this most recent version is, by far, the best we’ve had. It’s perfect for those nights when you’re stuck for options, don’t have all that much in the fridge, and feel like picking at something.

Here’s the plate I’m talking about today…

Mezzine Plate

What a bright little spectacle of goodness this is. Crammed onto the plate we have some tomato paste, fresh homemade hummus, carrot sticks, raw broccoli, organic tomato with fresh basil on top, organic poached chicken and finally, an insanely delicious cabbage, snow pea sprout, grated carrot, Spanish onion and parsley salad.

We dressed the salad with a little apple cider vinegar and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, before drizzling said olive oil over the rest of the plate and sprinkling on some pepper. Oh gosh, delicious would be an understatement, Happies.

The health benefits of a meal like this are vast. We have, off the top of my head, a good amount of antioxidants with the broccoli, red cabbage and the tomato paste, plus, Mr Broccoli is also known for his ability to hold large amounts of Vitamin C (which aids Iron absorption), Folic Acid and Potassium, to name a few.

The carrots are also a strong source of antioxidants, although they are one of the few foods that actually increase the levels of antioxidants once cooked, so we should have quickly blanched them first if we could be bothered. But we couldn’t, so this just had to do.

Tell me…
Do you enjoy mezze plate dinners?

What do you tend to ‘throw’ together on those night when you can’t be bothered?

Does this look tasty?


One comment

  1. jusbruers · December 7, 2010

    Yaz this looks delicious!
    We have been known to throw together somethings similar, especially during our travels around the world, with Tomatoes, tomato paste, tuna or sardines, carrots and crusty bread. Love the Mezzine plates! (Loving the name Mezzine plate even more!)

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