Hey Flatty, You’re Phat

Let’s just make this clear from the get-go. I said Flat and Phat and when you put the two words together you get Phat Flats, or Flat Phats, but it’s the former that I’m going to tell you about today. If you’re interested.

You see, the delightful Phat Flats is, in fact, an Australia-made and designed gift card company who are based in Tasmania and are about the most awesome things I’ve seen since those banana protectors that stop your ‘nana from getting squished. Have you seen them? They’re almost too practical for words, but we’ll leave them for another post.

Phat Flats, on the other hand, we’ll talk about right now. They are the handy word of graphic designer and illustrator, Cathy McAuliffe, whose ability to make chairs look pretty puts other arty types to shame. The best part is they’re blank inside, so there’s not a hint of cheesy text anywhere, plus, each card is printed on premium environmental paper sourced from forests using sustainable practices. I like that.

My personal favourites are, quite conveniently, the Christmas ones. I mean, if this reindeer card doesn’t get The Grinch smiling, I don’t know what will.

It’s not all about the cards though. The House of Phat also does canvas prints, wrapping papers and a delightful selection of hand-made cookies. No, that’s a lie. They generally just stick to paper things, but the hey, I’m not complaining.

Check them out online, if you like. I definitely would.

Tell me…

Are you a card giver?

Do you like the look of these fun papery treats?


One comment

  1. tegan · November 24, 2010

    oh that card is adorable! x

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