Thank You Cherry Much

Next time you’re snaking your way around the aisles of Harris Farm or your local organic fruit shop, STOP AT THE CHERRIES. Seriously, you must.

Normally bypassed for a more in-season or affordable option, that tasty little ball of red goodness is begging to be eaten. Begging! According to a new scientific report by exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Kathleen Alleaume, our mate cherry is a serious contender for ‘Superfruit’ status.

The study revealed that the phytonutrients found in cherries can reduce heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and even nix gout and arthritis pain. Nuts, I know. But it’s not just these phytonutrients that are a winner, cherries are packed with antioxidants, too. Move over strawberries and blueberries, the cherry is moving on in and it’s one seriously tasty little number.

Comparing the antioxidants found in said superfruits, the cherry comes in at equal second place with the blackberry, with blueberries still leading the charge. Strawberries and raspberries are in the mix, too. Just in case you’re wondering.

For me, the humble cherry is always a winner for Christmas, and I just found this gluten-free option on Gluten-Free Girl’s website that sounds too delicious for words. Add a dollop of ice-cream to that and you get taste AND serious health benefits in one very big bowl. Winner!


Tell me…

Are you a fan of the cherry?

What’s your favourite superfruit?

What about your favourite way to eat cherries? Any recipe ideas?


One comment

  1. akisa · November 23, 2010

    Love cherries but wish they weren’t so expensive!!

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