Let there be luck

Today is not my lucky day, Happy’s. I know this already because when I came into work and tried to login to my laptop, it decided to play games with me and shut me out. It’s not the first time this has happened, so I know how it works. Let’s just say that after an hour of to-ing and throwing, the laptop always wins. Until I throw it out the window. But I’m yet to come to that point (despite dreaming of it right now, as I write this here blog.)

Today, is of course, also Melbourne Cup; a day on the Australian calendar where you require some form of luck on your side. In a pool of 24 (or, 23 now that the rather unlucky little Bauer was scratched) it’s a big pool of hopefuls for an amateur like me. No matter how much research or how many tips you get, at the end of the day, it’s just the horse that runs the best on the day who takes home the prize money.

There is, as expected, mixed ideas as to how much luck plays a part in our race to the finish line. In life, we’re not all equally lucky. Unfortunately, some of us are born with a far greater head start and as much as we hope that everyone can race to the finish line and come out a winner, it’s not always the case in reality. Just like it’s not the case today.

But while luck may be needed to win money on a horse race or befriend your computer again, it’s not always needed in life. Many of us spend our lives comparing ourselves to everyone around us – The chick with the better legs than you, the girl who gets all the hot boys, the woman who’s a thousand times smarter than you, the family with the private plane… the list is endless and often referred to as ‘lucky’.

But here’s a thought: Why are we comparing ourselves to those around us? They’re not our competition and we’re not all running the same race. So, why do we feel the need to constantly focus on the journey happening next to us, instead of the journey in front of us? Our journey. Not Betty’s, or Susie’s, or Paris Hilton’s but OURS. It’s weird when you think about it, right? Damn right.

So I propose a challenge. I want to you to put your blinkers on for a while and instead of looking at what you don’t have, or wondering why Betty has far better legs than you (yes, she’s a lucky bitch but I bet you a champagne that she works hard on those legs, too), I want you to focus on how lucky you are to have what you have and forget the race going on next to you. Even for a second. Good luck!

Tell me Happy’s…
Do you find you compare yourself to those around you?

Does it make you feel better, or worse?

How much do you think luck plays a part in our lives?



  1. Steph · November 2, 2010

    Ah Yaz – Thankyou! I’m just about to start my end-of-year university exams and in a course that is extremely competitive, I am consistently comparing myself to all these amazing people who get incredible marks. I feel like I just can’t compare. You’re article is so true – we’re NOT all running the same race, and it doesn’t matter whether I come ‘first place’ or ‘last’ in my course. Because honestly, dux-ing my course isn’t whats going to make me happy. Having amazing friends, family and wonderful life experiences it what will, and my university exams aren’t ‘The Melbourne Cup’ of the life of races. It’s just one small insignificant race. Thanks for helping me see this and de-stressing just a little bit! x

  2. ponkuta · November 2, 2010

    Yazzie, another amazing post. Well done! As much as I want to feel and be positive 24/7, there are days that I find it so hard to shake off the negativity. I’ve got into a habit to force myself to read a post about positivity or blog a post about positivity each time I’m feeling a little bumped it helps!

    I think it is a lie if I say I don’t compare myself with others but definitely not getting it into my head with all the comparison is what that matters.


  3. Mel · November 2, 2010

    I only just stumbled across your blog today, and I must say I am mighty glad I did!
    Recently my life has come to a bit of a standstill and I find myself comparing everything about myself against others, and constantly comparing myself has only lead to me feeling horrible and inadequate. It feels like a competition where if my hair isn’t as nice as this girl, or if I don’t have the same amazing job as that girl then somehow that makes what I have less significant or less amazing.
    What i’ve started to realise (and what is confirmed to me by your blog!) is that there is no point competing and comparing, at the end of the day everyone has good points and bad points, things they wish they could improve and things that they wish they had.
    Whats important is that I focus on all the amazing things I have in my life, and leave others to look focus on theirs 🙂

  4. Anonymous · November 9, 2010

    Hi, Yaz. sorry to bother you, you wrote on

    Mon, 11 October 2010 10:17AM
    Kristy016 – it’s totally fine to mix your brands up. As long as you’re not using too many ACTIVE ingredients at once, you can definitely mix and match to suit your different concerns. And yep, I can definitely do an organic post this week…
    Also is organic/natural just as effective as mainstream products – thanks again Yaz

    how do you know what to look for ACTIVE ingredients ?

  5. Yaz Turker · November 10, 2010

    You’re never bothering me at all. OK, so by active ingredients I mean the stuff inside skincare like alpha hydroxi acids, amino acids, coenzyme q10, vitamins and any ingredient that actually does something. These ingredients can be natural, or synthetic, but the more sensitive your skin is, the more it’s going to react to these actives. When you use a range together, all the ingredients have been designed to work in harmony with one another, but if you’re using lots of different products, it’s hard to tell how your skin will react with all the different ingredients, as a result, your skin might spack it and start breaking out, getting sensitive etc. Unless you’re using cosmeceuticals, or have insanely sensitive skin, you should you be fine. Hope that helps. Yx

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