Daily Obsession: Coconut Water

Coconut has officially sold out, Happy’s. He’s cracked out of his tough little shell and he’s made it OK for large juice companies to pretend that the juice in their plastic bottle is as good for you as the sweet liquid gold that happily glugs away inside a fresh, young coconut.

It’s not true, I declare. In fact, as a seasoned coconut pro and someone who could, perhaps, be named ‘addicted’ to said coconut, I need to plead with you to not fall into the trap. I’ve tried the bottled stuff, more out of research than anything else and what I tasted was a far cry from the natural stuff.

Coconut water is, as the world is quickly learning, actually very good for you. Mainly due to its high levels of potassium, it’s a natural take on Gatorade. That’s why it’s loved by sport-stars, and yogies.

Not to be confused with coconut milk or cream – which both have a very high fat content – coconut water is in fact very low in calories (99% fat free), low in carbs and completely natural. Plus it’s generally priced between $2-$2.50 for the real deal, so why bother with the bottled version when the natural version is cheaper, and tastier? Erm, no idea.

Putting all the marketing hype and celebrity spruiking aside for one minute, I have to stick up for this tasty little dude because he’s simply delicious. And while there are critics out there who claim that coconut water is nothing more than a fad, I tell them to chill out and suck it up, because with something as naturally tasty as this healthy delight, I’m thinking it’s going to stick around for a while. Hooray!


One comment

  1. Olivia · January 5, 2011

    Yaz, after just reading this post and doing a bit of research into the benefits of coconut water, I bought my first coconut today (for all of $1.79!!), had a blast trying to open it and, best of all, I’m totally LOVING the sweet taste of its healthy goodness as we speak!

    I am a coco-convert and I just had to thank you for opening my eyes to the awesomeness!
    -Liv xoxo

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