This glass is most definitely half full

Water is, quite literally, clear stuff we drink that tastes much nicer with a splash of vodka, or for a healthier option, liquid chlorophyll . But thanks to our friends at Evian who befriended the creative types at Issey Miyake, there’s a far more pleasant drop to drink that requires no additives at all, save for a dash of fun if you need it.

But my guess is that you won’t. There’s enough fun in this delightful bottle to make even the most hardened critic crack a smile, and with an official description that tosses words like optimism, freshness and humour over the net, it’s no surprise I’m loving it.

This year, Issey Miyake has designed a very special bottle of Evian water, tying in with the brands collection of pleated clothes. Drawing inspiration for the look of pleats, the bottle is adorned with a delightful array of colour flowers that make me smile and sing and squeal with delight. In a not at all girly way, of course.

Here’s the visual aid:

And here’s the video:

Who knew water could look so good?

Stay happy,



One comment

  1. millie · October 26, 2010

    Aaah I’m drinking water with a spash of chlorophyl right now! I love your blog Yas x

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