The Happiness Cocktail: Finding sweetness in everyday things

Wowza, that was easy. Who ever knew blogging could be so simple? Oh wait, I did of course, because I do it for a living. Yes, by day I write and edit and film stuff on the very fancy beauty website known as It’s fun there, you should check it out.

The fact is though Happies, I’m interested in far more than beauty. Sure, it keeps my skin nice and glowy and my hair nice and soft, but there’s more to me than that. Lots more. Being jolly and gleeful, for example. This is something I do very well.

So it’s here, with my friendly flashing cursor and my crisp white background that I begin to bring you daily dollops of sweetness in the hope to make you smile. And discover. From beauty to health, to food and travel, it’s a concoction of goodness that I hope will blossom. Like sprouts, or flowers.

Which brings me to the informative section of this post. Sprouted bread. Have you tried it? When done correctly, like at my local organic shop, it’s a wonderful option for gluten-freebies and is packed with freshly sprouted grains such as buckwheat, millet and Amaranth. It’s a delicious substitute for regular bread, and if you’re looking to beef up your salad, it’s amazing toasted, and can be used as a garnish on top. Winner!

Here’s the visual aid:

So that’s it, a tasty morsel of fun and happiness, dished up in the form of an introduction and sprouted bread. I look forward to playing with you much more tomorrow, and into the future.

Stay happy,




  1. Leyla · September 28, 2010

    Sprouted bread, what a great idea…and it look so yummy! Love the blog already Yaz. I also love the sweetness and goodness of life. Can’t wait to read more of your daily goodies. I love ! xx

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  3. michelle · November 7, 2010

    Your blog is the one thing that brings a LOT of happiness into my day. Shanti!
    Where can we find named sprouted bread?? xx

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